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Free Bingo Chips For Bingo Blitz

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Today we are continuing our Italian theme for our Super Bowl spread in order together with these incredible and delicious pizza fries! Yes, pizza fries! This is like pizza but instead of crust, we used fries! Think of your favorite chili cheese fries, converted in order to a pizza! Crispy fries, covered in order together with pizza sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni in order together with mushrooms or any different of your favorite pizza bestpings! What goes great in order together with pizza? Games of course and in order today’s video is sponsored by Playtika, one of the largest online game in order tool developers in the world and their online game Bingo Blitz!

These tasty homemade fries are the perfect snack and accompaniment in order to the spread we have shared over the last week as a suggestion for your football Sunday or online game day or race day or any time you wish some fun and food in order together with friends and family! We went in order together with an Italian theme the year, in case you hadn’t noticed. Everything from pizza burgers, in order to pasta chips, Italian nachos, garlic parmesan acquiregs and now pizza fries. A spread fit for a king! I think everyone will really like the!

I started in order together with frozen fries which I in order tossed in my deep fryer, but you may prepare them in the oven until crispy and golden brown. Then I transferred them in order to a baking sheet lined in order together with aluminum foil after that bestped in order together with pizza sauce and layered in order together with mozzarella cheese and in the case pepperoni and mushrooms. You may feel in order totally free in order to add your favorite bestpings simply like a pizza!

Today’s video is sponsored by Playtika, the makers of the most well-known bingo in order tool in the world, Bingo Blitz. I am sharing a little screen time play demonstration of the online game in order together with you so you may see how a lot fun it is. Anyone who knows me, knows which I really like video online games. I grew up in order together with them and still really like them in order today! Phone in order tools are a great way in order to acquired performwn or spend a little “me” time whenever you have even simply a few minutes. You may performwnload Bingo Blitz using the link above and as a feature for Noreen’s Kitchen get your attentionrs you will get 50 in order totally free credits and 6 in order totally free power ups in the next 48 hours added in order to your account once you are signed up.

I hope you will give these pizza fries a try and I hope you really like them! I also hope you will performwnload Bingo Blitz and have a little fun for yourself! As a side note, you may also play Bingo Blitz on Facebook as well as on your phone!

Thank you in order to Playtika for sponsoring in order today’s video.

FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is sponsored. All views expressed are my own. They are honest and have been presented in order together without bias.

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